two divers just under the water in Falmouth bay Cornwall

Diving Falmouth Bay

Marine Life Wrecks and Reefs

There is a world of underwater adventure waiting for you at Falmouth, Cornwall. 

Be transformed as you experience pristine Cornish marine ecosystems, vibrant worlds of ancient shipwrecks and magical sea creatures. Weather you are completely new to diving, have only dived abroad or have hundreds of hours of experience under your belt the Cornish Coast has a host of different diving experiences and underwater creatures corals and plant life to explore, amid Falmouths reefs and wrecks. These include Rare Pink Sea Fans, Jewel Anemones, Dead mans Fingers and Conger Eels hidden within the nooks and crannies of the reefs and wrecks. The Blue and Orange of the Male Cuckoo Wrasse glint in your torch beam. Between May and June huge Basking Sharks can be found skimming the surface for food as long as the wind doesn't pick up. 

Visibility is up to 30m on a good day, averaging 10m and on a bad day, you might want to go surfing. The sea is at its warmest between June and September averaging a sea temperature of 16c and dropping to 7c between January and March but diving is undertaken all year round.

Falmouth has many dive sites at depths to suit all abilities, wrecks ranging from sticking out of the water to 90m plus. Off the Lizard there are many wrecks beyond 90m that have only been dived a few times.

Falmouth Reefs include the Buzzies, Inner Buzzies and Outer Buzzies and of course the famous Manacles, one of the most most famous dive sites in the UK, with some spectacular scenic diving, encompassing shallow reefs, pinnacles and drops offs. The Manacles has been responsible for the demise of at least fifty wrecks and is home to an array of wildlife, most reef life best viewed below 18m where the seaweed does not grow.

Cornwall has some large tidal ranges which creates some fast moving water, off the North coast this can reach over six miles an hour. Luckily it stops still every high and low water. 

Enjoy a hot drink and a biscuit after your dive and warm up in our heated crew room.

At night Lobsters, Crabs, Squid, and Octopus come out to play.

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