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Falmouth Wildlife

Wildlife in Falmouth Bay

Falmouth and the surrounding area is an area rich in wildlife as a marine biodiversity hotspot steeped in history linked to the sea.

Pretty much year round Falmouth has a fantastic and varied spectical of wildlife. Watch the Cormorants dive and resurface looking for dinner. We have super pods of hundreds of Common Dolphin, also Bottlenose & Risso Dolphin and Harbour Porpoise. watch as they as frolic and jump along with the boat, a truly breathtaking sight. 

In the Spring the seas begin to warm up as does th eland with its flowers, we see a bloom of plankton attracting many species most famously the Basking Shark one of the largest fish in the world, growing to 12 metres / 39 feet. They cruise the water with their enormous mouths wide open to eat vast quantities of the plankton. Other species of shark common to Falmouth are Blue, Porbeagle and Thresher. SandEels are also drawn to the plankton and are food themselves for a number of different species of Fish Animal and Bird.

Summer comes with the return of the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and Minke Whale. The Sunfish the largest bony fish in the world and Large Barrels Jellyfish are a real sight to see.

Autumn is a great time for the local Grey Seal Colonies, the largest on the south coast of Cornwall. Pups are born pure white with huge black eyes. Autumn also a time for our migratory birds to be on the move. Otters too are making a fantastic recovery amongst the rich wooded estuaries of the Fallen and Helford rivers, not to mention the array Aquatic sea birds.

There is a world of underwater adventure waiting for you at Falmouth, Cornwall. Be transformed as you experience pristine Cornish marine ecosystems, vibrant worlds of ancient shipwrecks and magical sea creatures. Weather you are completely new to diving, have only dived abroad or have hundreds of hours of experience under your belt the Cornish Coast has a host of different diving experiences and underwater creatures corals and plant life to explore, amid Falmouths reefs and wrecks. These include Rare Pink Sea Fans, Jewel Anemones, Conger Eels hide within the nooks and crannies of reef and wrecks. The Blue and Orange of the Male Cuckoo Wrasse glint in your torch beam. 

Visibility is up to 30m on a good day, averaging 10m and on a bad day , you might want to go surfing. The sea is at its warmest between June and September averaging a sea temperature of 16.

Don't forget our swimming with sharks, dolphin and tuna trips, no experience needed, a real thrill to be had.

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